I don't see the NFT Collection I want, how can I request a new collection?

Enter the NFT collection address in the collection drop-down box and click Search to see the NFT you want appears in the options.

As a Buyer, I don't see the NFT purchased in my wallet, why?

When the NFT has been purchased, the buyer will receive the symmetric WNFT as a certificate. The NFT is transferred to EasyDAO's BNPL contract and deposited in escrow until the loan is fully paid back by the Buyer.

What utilities will I have with a WNFT?
  1. When the buyer pays the last period, the WNFT is used as a voucher to exchange for the real NFT.

  2. Buy/Sell/Transfer WNFT.

What happens if I miss a repayment?

If you forget to pay for one period, that's okay, you can pay two periods at a time to make up for the mistake in the later period.

If you forget to pay for two consecutive periods, the order will be cancelled, you will lose all your previous payments (cannot be redeemed), and the NFT in the order can be taken away by the creator and re-created.

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