For Buyer

Click the 'BNPL Market', and select your target collection or click on the NFT you would like to purchase.

On the 'Order Details', you'll be greeted with all the details of the order:

Once everything looks good, click Approve to initiate the order! After the down payment is successfully paid through the wallet, the installment payment will start to be calculated. When payment is due, the NFT will be released into the buyer's wallet when the last payment is made.

It should be noted that if the buyer fails to pay on time for more than two installments, it will be considered overdue. The order will be cancelled, and all previous payments will not be redeemed! At the same time, buyers will have a wrapped version of the NFT, called WNFT, which will synthesize all the utility of the underlying NFT.

Buyers can view all records and repayment details in "My Orders".

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