Why Buy Now Pay Later?

The 'Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)' payment method developed after World War II has been verified for decades. The BNPL model has long been integrated into various purchase and payment behaviors. It can better help consumers realize intertemporal consumption and improve their quality of life. People use the BNPL model all the time to ensure they acquire the expensive items they want instantly without real-life consequences. In the world of Web 3.0, NFT players can also purchase their favorite NFTs in this way. Moreover, there is no NFT player who does not want to own a blue-chip NFT.

The ongoing crypto winter has made the NFT market, which is already facing severe liquidity problems, even worse. The emergence of the NFT installment purchase model broke the silence of the market. Its ultimate purpose is to:

  • Protect NFT assets. Sell ​​NFTs at an anchor price through the BNPL model.

  • Grow user base. Lower the barrier to entry for external audiences.

  • A blue-chip is not a dream. Get a full blue-chip NFT without paying in full up front.

  • Internalize opportunity cost. Minimize the opportunity cost of funds to balance the profitability and liabilities of assets.

  • Achieve long term goals. A rational choice for long-term resource allocation.

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